54 Lockdown Selfcare Fat Transfer Update

Although this episode finds Maryam in the clinic, she's unable to be joined by Fi, as the UK was in its 2nd lockdown of 2020 when the podcast was recorded.

With Fiona safely tucked-away in Cornwall, our hosts get together over zoom to lament over the tweakments that Maryam would have been administering to Fiona if she were able to come and see her.

The last time the duo were together in the clinic, Maryam gave Fiona Ultherapy and today we find out if it was worth the pain (and cost) as Fiona gives her verdict on the aftermath of that rather uncomfortable procedure.

We also get an update on fat transfer, as Maryam was able to complete the next phase with past guest, Olivier Amar - so we hear where she had the fat injected, why, what that was like and what the results were. 

We also get the verdict on supplements after nutritionist Petronella Ravenshear's recent visit to the clinic which saw her give Maryam and Fiona an array of vitamin tablets; did they work? Is it worth the time / money? 

Plus, Maryam and Fiona give some fantastic advice about self care during isolation in the winter months. 

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