44 Fiona & Maryam Spring Action

The Guinea Pig takes us once more back into the clinic, as it was recorded at a time when this was still possible.

As well as Maryam and Fiona sharing how to sharpen-up for the summer, we also get an update on how Fiona's bladder treatment has been holding-up .. or possibly not holding-up as the case may be and find out that bladder problems can also be affected by gut health, as well as the pelvic floor.

If anyone suffers from Keratosis Pilaris, our hosts talk about various ways it can be treatet AND find out if it's possible to 'refine' ankles.

The various use of lasers are also debated, as they can seemingly do anything; from stimulate collagen to body hair removal.

Talking of body hair- is it possible to dye the intimate hair? Guess who has bared-all for their colourist? Well, there's a reason she's called the guinea pig you know ...

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