The Norway Maple

THE INSOMNIA PROJECT - The Norway Maple Episode

All roads don’t always begin with The Norway Maple but that is the tree that took us to many others. Along the way there was a detour to Manitoba and Ottawa and some points between. There was plenty to be said on lumberjacks and arborists who work in the city. From there we compared our favourite colours and how many blues are in the shade that Amanda’s mom associates with her and Marco brings his current favourite scarf pattern and colours to the table. 


● The Libby Library App, is it found all over the world or just in certain cities? Not sure if we ever get to the bottom of it. 

●  We go through the propagation cycle of the Manitoba Maple and how fascinating it truly is.

● We delight talking about the charming Swiss Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario.

● Wedding Colours, will Marco remember his?

● A very thoughtful gift.

● We literally talk about the word “litteraly”

Host: Marco Timpano

CoHost: Amanda Barker Producers: 

Drumcast Productions Theme Music: Royalty Free

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