Deep Dives & Celebrating Miracle (Michelle Miracle that is)

The Insomnia Project: Season 9, Episode 1 - Deep Dives & Diving Boards

Welcome back, sleep deprived friends, to a brand new season of The Insomnia Project! Buckle up, because co-hosts Marco Timpano & Amanda Barker are ready to dive headfirst into Season 9 with a new episode that's hopefully snooze-worthy.

In this episode, you'll hear about:

  • The hosts' adventures with their local swimming pools: From Marco's unexpected encounter a group of older gentleman while swimming to Amanda's quest for the perfect pool, they'll share their aquatic escapades.
  • A new (and slightly confusing) athletic pursuit: Pickleball! Join them as they explore this increasingly popular sport and debate whether it's their new calling (or just a passing fad). Should they join a team? That seems to be their goal for this year.
  • The great TikTok debate: Should Marco and Amanda succumb to the siren song of social media and join the platform? Share your thoughts in the comments and help them decide!
  • Celebrating a friend's birthday: They raise a toast (or a cup of chamomile tea) to their dear friend and fellow insomniac and friend of the podcast, Michelle Miracle. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @instagiracle and send her photos of your favourite fire hydrants for her birthday, or peruse her amazing artwork at

As always, the hosts hope you enjoyed this episode. Don't forget to leave them a 5-star review wherever you listen to your podcasts!

Stay tuned for more sleep-deprived adventures in the upcoming episodes of Season 9!

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