Boats, Decor and so much more with special guest: Kelly Lawrence

Host Marco Timpano makes up for the missed episode last week by welcoming guest Kelly Lawrence from Norwell, Massachusetts. The conversation kicks off with a deep dive into Kelly's home decor choices, exploring the art of making a home feel both welcoming and warm. The spotlight then shifts to a unique element in Kelly's home—a giant wooden giraffe—and the discussion delves into the strategies of seamlessly incorporating such distinctive pieces into a home's decor.

Moving on to the topic of wall hangings, Marco and Kelly share insights on how to approach them and ensure they harmonize with the overall decor. The focus then narrows in on a specific wall hanging—a whale above the fireplace. Kelly provides the story behind acquiring the whale (featured in our Instagram post) and sheds light on the prevalence of nautical items in Massachusetts homes.

The conversation takes a scenic turn to Kelly's boat, where she expresses her love for being on the water. Boating routes, the allure of Scituate, and the intriguing meeting point of the ocean and river at "the spit" all become part of the engaging dialogue. Marco explores what brings Kelly joy, leading to discussions about good stories, cherished company, and the undeniable joy that dogs bring.

Kelly generously shares her tips on facing adversity, bringing a touch of inspiration to the conversation. The focus then shifts to the three fireplaces in Kelly's home, prompting a discussion on her favourite and a segue into the world of leather couches.

The episode wraps up on a delightful note as Marco asks Kelly about her favourite flower, leaving listeners intrigued and eager to discover her answer. As always, the hosts sign off by inviting listeners to connect on social media:

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