Language Learning, Lumping Clay, and Blown Away Dreams

Language Learning, Lumping Clay, and Blown Away Dreams

In this episode of The Insomnia Project, Marco and Amanda dive into a listener request - their adventures (and misadventures) with the language learning app, Duolingo! Amanda tackles Italian vocabulary, while Marco wrestles with his French pronunciations.

As the conversation winds down, pottery takes centre stage. Amanda proposes a pottery class to Marco, inspired by their talented potter sister-in-law. A hilarious anecdote emerges about Marco and Amanda's friend Michael Miranda and a particularly enthusiastic pottery discussion.

Looking for more artsy inspiration? The episode then explores the captivating world of ceramics with a nod to "The Great Pottery Throw Down" and "Blown Away."

Rest assured, gentle listeners, this episode will lull you into a state of sweet slumber... or at least keep you company as you count sheep.

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