Around the World in Museums (Listener Request!)

The Insomnia Project: Episode Show Notes

Episode Title: Around the World in Museums (Listener Request!)

Hosts: Amanda Barker and Marco Timpano

Today's episode:

Inspired by a listener request from Ashley, Amanda and Marco take listeners on a whirlwind tour of unique and fascinating museums around the world. From the musical wonderlands of the Banjo Museum in Oklahoma City to the historical insights of the Tenement Museum in New York City, they weave a tapestry of cultural experiences.

Prepare to be transported to the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, a haven for all things pop culture, and then get ready to giggle at the Comedy Museum in Jamestown, New York. The conversation wouldn't be complete without a nod to their shared love for museum gift shops, and of course, a visit to the iconic Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Museum in the same town.

Settle in, relax, and let Amanda and Marco guide you through these extraordinary museums, all from the comfort of your own bed.

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