Dive Deep into the World of Olive Oil

Dive Deep into the World of Olive Oil

Can't sleep? Pour yourself a glass of knowledge (not wine... yet) because Amanda and Marco are serving up a delicious exploration of olive oil! In this episode, we're taking a deep dive from the grove to your kitchen.

Here's what we'll be spilling:

•Extra Virgin vs. the Rest: Unveiling the grades of olive oil and when to use each one.

•Smoke Point Smackdown: Knowing when to sizzle and when to drizzle to preserve flavor and health benefits.

•Flavor Frenzy: What top-notch olive oil should taste like (hint: it's not just for salads!).

•Our Olive Oil Confessions: Do Amanda and Marco drown their food in EVOO, or are they measured maestros?

•Buyer Beware: Tips for navigating the grocery aisle and avoiding imposters.

•Unexpected Uses: Olive oil hacks that go beyond the kitchen!

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