Mitten Strings

Mitten Strings:

Welcome to today's episode of The Insomnia Project! In this cozy and lighthearted episode, your hosts Marco and Amanda delve into a delightful array of topics that will keep you entertained, whether you're trying to fall asleep or just looking for some easy listening.

To start, Marco and Amanda share their recent adventures in pumpkin carving, setting the mood for the upcoming Halloween season. Amanda reveals a charming quirk as she admits to storing various items in her Moroccan poof, which is a storage ottoman that adds a touch of exotic flair to her home.

The hosts then take you on a culinary journey as they recount their attendance at the Taste Canada Awards for Cookbooks. You'll get a taste of the latest in Canadian culinary literature.

But that's not all; you'll also learn about the versatile uses of nylons, as Marco embarks on a journey to understand why we no longer call them stockings. It's a curious and fun exploration of everyday items and their evolving names.

The episode takes a turn as Marco and Amanda discuss one-use items. Marco confesses his love for these convenient products, while Amanda leans towards a more eco-friendly approach and shares her concerns about excessive waste.

And, of course, no episode is complete without a trip to the discount rack at the grocery store. Tune in as Marco and Amanda share their finds and discuss the joys of bargain hunting in the supermarket aisles.

As the episode winds down, Marco divulges his secret for keeping his shirts looking crisp: starch.

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