Exploring Inspiring Spaces: Terraces vs. Patios

Exploring Inspiring Spaces: Terraces vs. Patios


Join hosts Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker on this episode of "The Insomnia Project," the podcast designed by insomniacs for insomniacs to help you find your way to sleep.

Marco and Amanda dive into the world of inspiring spaces, sharing their discoveries from their travels and discussing the allure of terraces and patios.

As avid explorers. First Amanda takes us on a journey to Washington DC and tells us why she loves it so much.

Marco and Amanda have stumbled upon some truly mesmerizing spots during their adventures. They reveal the most breathtaking terraces and patios they've encountered and unravel the reasons why these spaces captivated their senses. From cozy rooftop terraces overlooking city skylines to tranquil garden patios nestled amidst nature, they recount the ambiance, charm, and design elements that make these places so special.

In addition to exploring these inspiring spaces, the hosts delve into an intriguing question: What sets a terrace apart from a patio? What about a Lanai?

As they unravel the distinction between the three, Marco and Amanda shed light on the nuances and characteristics that define these outdoor areas. They explore the definitions of terraces and patios.

Whether you're seeking inspiration for your own outdoor space or simply intrigued by the allure of these environments, this episode of "The Insomnia Project" is sure to captivate your imagination. So, sit back, relax, and let Marco and Amanda guide you through the world of inspiring terraces and patios, shedding light on their personal experiences and the unique qualities that make these spaces truly magical.

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