Cortado & Squid

Cortado & Squid

Sit back and relax as Amanda and Marco take you on a journey of a hip area near where they live called Geary Avenue and Marco gives the etymology of the cappuccino which leads them down Cortado lane. 

This episode has a ton of definitions in it, or at least attempts at definitions. 

Jennifer talks about her role as a Field Visual Merchandising Manager for clothing stores in Canada and what her job entails. She also shares a few essential fashion tips plus factors to consider when planning to get Main Coons cats as pets. 

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [2:07] Amanda mentions the book  The Arbournaut by Meg Lowman.
  • [2:30] Marco begins his conversation on the cappuccino which leads us to cupola. 
  • [6:45] Amanda explains how she takes her cappuccino.
  • [8:05] The hosts discuss the New England Pour.
  • [13:15] Marco defines a cortado.
  • [17:12] The cool hip area of Geary Avenue and the Boston Squid debate. 
  • [19:34] Amanda talks about the rezoning of industrial areas. 

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