Chorreador & Fall Gardening

Chorreador & Fall Gardening

Welcome to "The Insomnia Project," the podcast that's here to soothe your mind and carry you away to dreamland. I'm your host, Amanda Barker, and I'm Marco Timpano, and today we're shaking things up a bit. We've left our cozy studio behind and are sitting on squeaky rattan chairs, surrounded by the ambient sounds of cars rumbling by and fridges buzzing. It's like an unintentional ASMR experience right here on the podcast.

First up, we dive into the world of radiators, those reliable sources of warmth during chilly nights and their clanking sounds. But we don't stop there; we take you to Costa Rica's delightful Café Chorreado. You'll learn about the wooden stand required to make this traditional Costa Rican coffee, as well as the essential bolista that holds the coffee grind, ensuring a perfect brew every time.

As we sip our coffee, we can't help but chat about fall gardening. Bulbs, squirrels, and skunks make their way into the conversation, and we even discuss Toronto's infamous black squirrels. Who knew gardening could be so relaxing?

This episode is designed to lull you into relaxation and perhaps even send you off to sleep. So, sit back, let our chatter wash over you, and prepare to drift away into dreamland.

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Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the gentle ramblings of "The Insomnia Project" carry you into a peaceful slumber. Goodnight!

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