Third Rails and Fourth Walls: Behind the Scenes of Drug Law Reform

We're going to lift the curtain and go behind the scenes of drug law reform. Let's have some honesty about what it's really like working on the front-lines of this global issue! Joining us to give their valuable and candid insight:

Sanho Tree - Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, and Director of its Drug Policy Project since 1998, Sanho is former military and diplomatic historian and has been described as the 'end of level boss' of drug policy.

Niamh Eastwood - Executive Director of the UK based charity Release, Niamh has worked in legal services and has spent nearly 20 years in drug policy reform.

Steve Rolles - Working as the Lead Policy Analyst at Transform Drug Policy Foundation, Steve has been involved in drug policy since 1998, having previously worked for the Medical Research Council and Oxfam.

So... what's gone on in the last few years? Have we progressed in this big debate? Have we learned anything about the presentation of the issue, and how to win hearts and minds? And what challenges currently face us, and what awaits us? This is a no holds barred look at the world of drug policy reform.

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