Dan 'Nitro' Clark: Original Gladiator

He was one of the very first television gladiators, the yardstick of 'sports entertainment', Dan Clark is better known as Nitro to millions of people across the world and will forever be the true definition of a TV gladiator. In a new Netflix documentary, Muscles and Mayhem, Dan and his co-stars delve deep into the real world of American Gladiators and provide an unprecedented insight into the television phenomenon. Having watched the documentary series, we were intrigued to know more...

Dan 'Nitro' Clark opens up and gives us such an honest and moving account of his personal life, from addiction to bereavement, and from stardom to his own health struggles, his life is quite something. Dan also has a book out which is titled F Dying: How Cheating Death Kicked My Ass into Loving, Learning and Living My Best Life.

In this episode we speak about Dan's family and the entrenched problems with trauma and addiction. We also of course cover his incredible career, both as a gladiator, but also his time in film and television. And also so much more - Dan really and truly gives us an open and honest conversation!

Please follow him on Instagram: @DanNitroClark

And you can see all of Dan's projects, including his heralded Ted Talk and his book, on his website: www.DanNitroClark.net

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