Drug Policy Unfiltered - Live!

This is an epic episode with some of the all-time great voices from international drug policy. Recorded live at the Cranstoun conference in Brighton in February 2023, the guests were all briefed to go beyond the usual scripts and be as honest as they could be... and they did not disappoint. This conversation was one of the most open that you're ever likely to hear. Featuring:

Alex Stevens, Professor in Criminal Justice at the University of Kent

Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director, Release

Kassandra Frederique, Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance

Danny Ahmed, Clinical Director, Cranstoun

Zoë Dodd, Co-organiser Toronto Overdose Prevention Society

Megan Jones, Director, Cranstoun

Thank you for all the work from the Cranstoun crew who put the event and conference on and enabled us to get this conversation recorded, and thank you to Stage One Audio and Visual LTD for all the work on the day. And of course, thank you to Peter Krykant for making this all happen.

Special mention and praise to Nigel Brunsdon who provided all photography and images - as ever Nigel is a legend and you must check out his work via Instagram: @nigelbrunsdon and also nigelbrunsdon.com

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this episode represent the individual only.

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