Lynn Ulbricht: A Mother's Journey - Silk Road & Criminal Justice

How much do you know about the infamous site Silk Road and its creator Ross Ulbricht, also known as Dread Pirate Roberts?

We speak to Lynn Ulbricht, the mother of Ross...

Ross was a pioneer of the deep web and bitcoin. He created a new market place which ended up as a vending system for an array of things, including drugs. Ross was the mastermind behind the website but didn't actually partake in vending himself. Ross now serves a double life prison term and many people feel this is an injustice on many levels. The toll this has taken on the family is inconceivable.

We're joined by Lynn to speak about the history of Silk Road and the journey which led up to Ross' imprisonment. How is Ross now, and what is he doing? What hope is there of his release? And why is this perceived by so many people as a gross injustice? An incredible tale of criminal and social justice on trial.

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