Judge Victoria Pratt: Transforming Criminal Justice

Having served as the chief judge of the Newark Municipal Court, Judge Victoria Pratt is also professor at the Rutgers Newark School of Criminal Justice. Judge Pratt has a written a book called The Power of Dignity: Transforming Criminal Justice which delves into her work in and out of the courtroom. Having looked for alternatives to the criminal justice system for many years, Judge Pratt is an advocate of community solutions and going deeper than your average courtroom. Her TED talk, "How Judges Can Show Respect," has been viewed over thirty million times and is well worth a watch.

In this podcast episode we speak about the many ways in which the justice system needs to change and how judges and police officers need a tangible link to their communities in order to understand the people in which they deal with. We also speak about the many pipelines to prison, and how people from BAME backgrounds are inherently at a disadvantage in the justice system... and of course addiction, we must speak about addiction.

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