Matt Hutchinson: Medicine, Comedy and Drug Policy

On today's Stop and Search we're joined by Matt Hutchinson. He's a doctor specialising in Rheumatology and General Medicine, and also a comedian - what a combo!

We have a very open and wide-ranging conversation about drug policy, medicine, addiction, the prescribing of pain medication, comedy, and so much more. We really do cover some bases in this chat. Matt is also performing at the Edinburgh Festival, so if you would like to see him in action then go to Assembly George Square Studios on the dates of Aug 2-14, and 16-27 - see his new show Hostile.

We're going to be coming back to Matt as he has so much more to say - so thank you to him for such a wonderful chat! Find him on Twitter @Hutch_up

Small disclaimer, let's be honest and real, you know how it works: All views expressed by guests are their own and don't necessarily reflect that of Law Enforcement Action Partnership.

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