Tez Ilyas: Chicken Boxes and National Security

Comedian Tez Ilyas joins us to talk about a whole load of things! Firstly, we chat about chicken boxes... which is a first for us on this podcast, but all will be explained #KnifeCrime

Tez has received a lot of critical acclaim for his stand-up comedy as well as his primetime TV show, The Tez O'Clock Show, so we also ask him about the importance of comedy and satire, especially how it relates to serious topics. We also chat about Tez's time in the civil service, how he negotiated with the army, and also the relationships between the police and people of BAME heritage. So yes, we cover a lot of ground in this!

Stop and Search is produced by:

Jason Reed, Nicky Elson, Tristan Bruce and John Cross.


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