Richard Mylan

Richard Mylan is an actor from film, stage and television, as well as a theatre producer, director and a drama teacher. His career has been diverse and littered with big roles such as Waterloo Road. But recently Richard has devoted more of his time to speak about his personal journey with addiction in hopes that he can raise awareness for other people who may be struggling, and to wipe away the stigma that can often come with addiction.

In this special episode we have a very intimate conversation with Richard about his heroin use which lasted twenty years - how and why he got to that place of addiction, and his advocacy for a change of attitudes.

We send such gratitude to Richard for his openness and honesty. Conversations such as this go a long way in helping others, as well as helping make the societal changes that we need to save lives.

Find Richard via his website:

And Twitter: @RichardMylan

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