On the President's Orders: James Jones

On The President's Orders is a film directed by James Jones and Olivier Sarbil. In this startling documentary we get to see the Philippines' drug war from an up-close perspective. We're joined by James Jones to discuss the making of this eye-opening movie.

Shot like a Hollywood blockbuster, the beautiful cinematography is in stark contrast to the ultra-realism of subject matter. With a focus on key personnel in the police, in the communities, and in the prisons, this documentary has a raw power that manages to get across just what's happening under President Duterte's presidency. With thousands of people dead or missing, what's really happening in the Philippines - and what level of popularity does the president currently have for his zero tolerance on drugs and the policy of extrajudicial killings?

James Jones chats to us about what he saw as he co-directed this film, but we also discuss other film projects too, such as Unarmed Black Male, and an upcoming project.


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