Episode 30: Perry Farrell (Kind Heaven / Janes Addiction / Porno For Pyros etc.)

I recently spoke with Perry when he was here in London for a couple of shows to launch his new album 'Kind Heaven'

We sat in his hotel the afternoon of the first of two shows the Kind Heaven Orchestra, featuring Perrys wife and co-vocalist Etty, played at The Box in Soho. It was unlike any gig I've been to, very intimate, interactive and inclusive. It was pretty wonderful to see.

During our conversation we discussed the new project, the interactive and immersive experience in Las Vegas, Janes Addiction, Travel, Music, Creativity, Politics and an event that happened in Perry's life that had a profound effect on him...

The album Kind Heaven is available to buy and is now on all streaming platforms.

Perry can be found here: www.instagram.com/perryfarrelloffocoal and here www.twitter.com/perryfarrell

You can learn about Kind Heaven here: https://kindheaven.com

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The portrait of perry was something of a struggle for some reason, I was definitely over-thinking it but in any case its oil, acrylic, ink and pencil on paper.

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