Episode 45: Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)

Episode 45 is with Tomas Haake of the Swedish band Meshuggah. This episode was recorded on the eve of the release of the bands latest album 'Immutable'. A fantastically beautiful, layered and crushing work of modern metal, that yet again proves them to be one of the most vital bands in the genre. Over the course of this conversation we discuss the writing and recording of the album during the pandemic, some of the dystopian themes covered in the lyrics, the idea that all great art has an ethereal nature that is hard to pinpoint, yet is easy to recognise when it resonates for some of us and also the hypnotic trancelike quality that I find the bands music to have. We also talk a little about the health issue Tomas has faced with a recurring hand injury as they were preparing to tour the album at the time of recording...

If you want to find out more about the band, the internet is right there.

They can be found online @meshuggah in most places, their instagram for example is here.

Daniel's social pages are @danielpcarter here on instagram and here on Twitter and the podcast is @SWIMPodcast here on Instagram and here on Twitter

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