Episode 41: Chelsea Wolfe

On this episode, which take two of a conversation with singer, songwriter, musician Chelsea Wolfe, we discuss her music and the creative process and how that changes due to environment etc. We talk about the collaboration with Converge on the Blood Moon project, her band with Jess Gowrie called Mrs Piss and about her albums as Chelsea Wolfe. Its a rad episode and Chelsea is one of my favourite singers for the fact that her work is imbued with a very magickal current.

The first couple of tracks of Blood Moon have recently been released with the album due shortly and if you aren't familiar with all her solo work or through her many collaborations, please do yourself a favour and check it out ASAP. The last few that came out on Sargent House in particular, are records I can't recommend enough. So very good.

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The painting of Chelsea came out pretty rad and like all of the portraits for each episode, it is Oil, Acrylic and Ink on paper. If you want a print of it, punish me on my instagram and I'll consider adding it to my print collection on the Deathwish webstore here

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