Episode 42: Aaron Weaver (Wolves In The Throne Room)

On this episode, number 42, myself and Aaron Weaver discuss his band Wolves In The Throne Room's latest album 'Primordial Arcana' along with the spiritual mindset he, his brother Nathan and guitarist Kody Keyworth apply to making their art. Since the bands first release in 2006 (Diadem Of 12 Stars) WITTR have made incredibly atmospheric and magickal black metal in the Cascadian scene of Americas north west...

Very quickly we get into talking about the process of channelling art and music that rises as a current from the landscape they live within. We talk about rising through the Olympia Washington punk rock scene of the 90's, through to the recording of this newest record.

Its a great episode and Aaron is a very cool and erudite musician and it was a pleasure to finally get to talk with an artist who's work I have loved and supported on my radio show for many years.

The album is available now via Relapse Records / Century Media / Artemisia Records. Please go and listen now if you haven't already, it's really brilliant... Spotify link here

The band is here on Instagram.

All their tour dates and merch links can be found here on their official site.

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