Episode 40: Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire / Gallows / Black Lungs / Dooms Children)

My guest on this episode is Wade MacNeil wonderful human and musician known for his work not only in the bands Alexisonfire, Gallows, Black Lungs and his new endeavour Dooms Children, but also for his score work for various films and video games. We caught up recently to discuss the formation, dissolution and subsequent re-convening of Alexisonfire, a band that rose from Canada's sweaty bar room punk scene into full fledged Juno winning arena filling rock greatness. We talk about him becoming the singer for British punks Gallows, after the departure of frontman Frank Carter and we discuss the recent turbulent period in Wade's personal life that he overcame and led to the formation and recording of Dooms Children, a heavy psych folk project that see's him moving away (somewhat) from his punk rock roots. We also talk about the creative process and magick but that was always gonna happen wasn't it? Come on, you should know the score by now. If you don't then look back from some of the previous episodes are they're pretty rad, by and large.

The first track from the self titled debut album 'Flower Moon' can be seen here and heres the link for the bands profile page on Dine Alone Records

Wade can be found here on instagram and it will be the best place to keep up to date with all his many works.

Daniel can be found here and the podcasts instagram is here Follow either of those and I'll be overjoyed. Truly.

The portrait of wade is acrylic, oil and ink on paper and originally had a weird crying worm spirit rising from a crop of psychedelic mushrooms but I painted over it as it looked weird (as previously stated.)

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