Episode 44: Ville Valo (VV, HIM, Agents)

As we are on the threshold of a new year and former HIM frontman Ville Valo is less than two weeks away from releasing his debut album under the moniker 'VV' called 'Neon Noir' (due Jan 13th Via Spinefarm / Universal) it seemed appropriate to release this show on new years eve 2022. Its been five years to the day since the Finnish singers former band HIM drew their last breath at their final show at Helsinkis Tavastia venue in 2017.

I recently met up with Ville whilst he was here in London and in the office of the label we discussed the recording of the album during lockdowns, where the singer / multi-instrumentalist played and sang everything on 'Neon Noir'.

We talk a little about his former band HIM and the creative process both then and now, especially under such solitary conditions that were imposed during the pandemic. We talk about the archetypal powers of love and death, Eros and Thanatos and their magickal conjunction as Thanateros and how they have been the basis and muse for the genre Love Metal, that Ville started with HIM and that the new 'VV' record is another layer and continuation of. We discuss the Heartagram, a sigil that 19 year Ville scribbled into popular culture and where it now resides somewhat beyond its original intention and meaning.

I hope you enjoy the conversation and the forthcoming VV record and as we move into 2023, try to do it with love and compassion and with a protective glow about you that repels all the bad shit of the last few years. Onwards!



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