Megan McCubbin's Wild Life

I had a long overdue chat with zoologist, wildlife TV presenter and conservationist Megan McCubbin to talk about her career journey and how the pandemic impacted not only her path but that of many others when it comes to nature appreciation. We discuss the role of social media in bringing like minded young conservationists and environmentalists together, but also the downsides of social media and how best to manage them.

We explore topics that Megan and co-author Chris Packham delve into in their book, 'Back to Nature: How to love life - and save it'. Topics such as eco-activism, lobbying and extinction rebellion, to rewilding and reintroduction of top predators into our landscapes, how to engage people with nature and of course climate change. We also hear all about Megan's summer filming a brand new BBC TV series 'Chris and Meg's Wild Summer' out now on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

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Cover photo credit: Megan McCubbin.

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