Gillian Burke, Earth Warrior, Eco Freak

Biologist, presenter, public speaker, voiceover artist, writer and mother, Gillian Burke has a lot to say. So it was a delight to have a proper chat about her upbringing and career journey to date, her hopes for our planet and humanity as well as the challenges we are facing. Perhaps best know for her presenting role on BBC Springwatch and the spin off Autumn and Winterwatch shows, we talk about her somewhat tumultuous appearance and public reception on the show, as well as the importance of diversity in the natural sciences and the natural history field.

We also explore Gillian's self confessed passion for supporting the underdog, speaking out on oppression and tackling tough environmental issues. We ponder on 2020, the year that threw a lot at us from Black Lives Matter, global pandemic, continued ecological destruction and environmental battles close to home like HS2. Finally Gillian shares her top three Instagram accounts to follow and they are a great selection.

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Cover photo credit: Gillian Burke.

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