Into the Wild looking for Adders

It's a podcast crossover episode this time as I meet with fellow podcaster Ryan Dalton, host of the excellent nature podcast 'Into the Wild' ( I brought Ryan to a top secret location last Spring to find adders, Britain's only venomous reptile as he'd only recently seen his first one and wanted to see more. I visit this site each year and told him I'd guarantee him some adders to photograph and marvel at. Maybe even find a legendary black adder? We weren't only there for a snake hunt however. We wanted to explore and discuss a topic we'd chatted about several times before, our pet's impact on nature and wildlife. With me as a vet and Ryan as a 'doggy daycare' business owner but also both passionate conservationists, there is an uncomfortable conflict at times in advocating for pets V's nature. Many pet owners don't even realise the impact their pets are having. And with the colossal rise in pet ownership since the pandemic began, we ask whether our growing pet population is pushing sensitive wildlife and habitats closer and closer to the brink. A tricky topic, but important to educate and support pet owners to minimises the damage that can be done without even realising.

Oh and make sure to listen to the end, something funny and adder-shaped happens!

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