The Flat Faced Dog Dilemma

In this episode we're moving away from wildlife and nature conservation to a serious animal welfare issue I face in my career as a vet, exploring the issues of flat faced or brachycephalic dog breeds. I'm joined by two incredibly knowledgeable guests, Alison Skipper and Dr Rowena Packer. Alison is a vet studying a PhD in the history of pedigree dog breeding and welfare. Rowena is a companion animal behaviour and welfare scientist at the Royal Vet College. Together we explore when and why the trend for flat faced dogs appeared, why they are popular, what problems they suffer from as a result of their extreme appearance and what can be done about it. It's a fascinating insight into a complex topic.

Dr Packer is recruiting recent puppy owners for a survey in to pandemic puppy ownership, so if you fit the bill please do partake by 11th March here:

Cover image courtesy of CRUFFA (Campaign for the Responsible Use of Flat Faced Animals in Advertising.

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