Never Work With Animals

I caught up with Gareth Steel, vet and author of new book 'Never Work With Animals' which lifts the lid on what it's really like being a vet. We discuss why he wrote the book, some of the stories it contains and how the perception Vs reality of the job often differ when it comes to the general public. Not many know the fact that veterinary medicine has the highest rate of suicide of any profession as well as issues with mental health, burnout and a high departure rate. We discuss the complex factors that feed into this problem, as well as some of the difficult topics like the use of alternative therapies in pets, balancing economic concerns of pet owners and farmers with animal welfare and of course some of the entertaining and positive experiences of what it means to be a vet. A must listen episode for anyone who ever thought "Oh I'd love to have been a vet" or has children interested in joining the profession.

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