The Human Being Diet, A New Way of Eating and Living with Petronella Ravenshear

Petronella Ravenshear trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and the Natura Foundation and she's also a Functional Medicine practitioner. She has been in private practice since 2004 and specialises in digestive, skin and weight issues. She's a firm believer in the wisdom of the body and that food and exercise is the only medicine we need. 'The people who've been to see me have taught me as much as I have taught them, not only about what works but, more importantly, about what's doable.'

Chronic diseases are escalating and so are our weight problems. These lifestyle diseases involve inflammation, which is driven by refined food, overeating, stress and lack of exercise. But the inflammation, as well as our susceptibility to disease, can be extinguished by changing the way that we eat; the power is in our hands. The Human Being Diet is a blueprint for feasting and fasting your way to feeling, looking and being your best, whether you want to lose weight or not. LIVE Chat Every Tuesday 1:30 pm ET

(00:00) Changing your diet can help people with various illnesses.

(07:19) Some people get so caught up in the diet and making some food naughty

(08:36) What is the human being diet and what does it entail

(11:15) changing how we eat can change how we feel

(17:17) Start today. The best day to start is right now!

(19:58) Peteronella discusses client who lost 100 pounds following the Human Being Diet.

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