Breaking Stereotypes: The PR Power of Barbie in Shaping Cultural Narratives with Danielle Gober

Danielle Gober is an Orlando native and a graduate of Rollins College where she earned her Bachelor’s in communication and public relations. She loves connecting with people and believes interpersonal communication is the best way to accomplish anything successfully. She loves creative writing, finding ways to make her fashion obsession more sustainable, and learning new public relations strategies. Gober’s work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Better Homes and Gardens, and CNN Underscored.

LinkedIn:   / daniellegober  

📋 Episode Chapters

(00:00) Danielle Gober is an account strategist with Otter PR

(00:55) I'm excited that Barbie is making a comeback as an adult

(04:21) Are there any takeaways from watching the Barbie movie that could apply to businesses

(13:49) Well, I don't want us to leave without everyone finding out more about otter PR

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