Empowering Parenthood, Cracking the Code of Children’s Behavior with Meri Wallace

Meri Wallace, LCSW, a parenting expert, and child and family therapist for over thirty years, writes a blog for Psychology Today, and is the author of Birth Order Blues (Henry Holt and Co.) and Keys to Parenting Your Four Year Old (Barron’s Educational Series). She is currently publishing her third book, The Secret World of Children. This book helps parents to understand nine developmental reasons for their children’s challenging behavior and how to handle these issues positively. Ms. Wallace has been a columnist for Sesame Street Parents Magazine, New York Family Magazine and Brooklyn Parent. She has been a consultant to Children’s Television Workshop and has been interviewed by national magazines including Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Parents and many more. Meri Wallace appears regularly on podcasts, radio, and national television networks as a parenting expert. She has made repeated appearances on shows such as Eyewitness News, Good Day New York, WNBC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, WPIX, the Hallmark Channel and the Fox Family Channel. Meri worked with a producer at Eyewitness News designing parenting segments in which she appeared as the expert, and hosted her own TV show on Plum TV. https://meriwallace.com/ 📋 Episode Chapters (00:50) You're a licensed social worker who focuses on children's behavior (07:53) It's something we could all look to get back to as adults (08:17) Every chapter in my book deals with another issue, the need for love (11:48) When kids become close to teenage-hood, I hear a lot of acting up (18:44) You are teaching your child how to live in the world (20:50) Mary Wallace's new book helps parents deal with rushed parenting (24:24) Check out my latest book, My Crazy Roommates

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