Adrenaline's Impact on Wellness, A Conversation with Dr Michael E Platt

MICHAEL E. PLATT, M.D., has been board-certified in internal medicine. He maintains a practice in Palm Desert, California, devoted to wellness and a preventive approach to illness. He is known nationally and internationally for his innovative approach to natural hormone replacement. Imagine a hormone so potent that it plays a central role in numerous health conditions that have baffled the medical community. This is the essence of "Adrenaline Dominance". Dr. Platt's book boldly asserts that excess adrenaline, often disregarded by conventional medicine, could be an underlying trigger for a myriad of seemingly incurable conditions. From ADHD and fibromyalgia to anger, depression, and severe PMS, the effects of excess adrenaline are far-reaching and pervasive. But the revelations don't stop there. Adrenaline's influence extends to surprising realms: it's the reason why some women experience unrelenting nausea throughout their pregnancies, and it's the hidden force driving people towards substances like drugs and alcohol. Even during the night, adrenaline orchestrates disturbances like tossing and turning, teeth grinding, nocturnal bathroom trips, and unexplained weight gain. Dr. Platt's book unravels the mystery behind why our bodies produce the "fight or flight" hormone even in the absence of imminent danger. Through accessible explanations, the book provides an in-depth understanding of how adrenaline operates within the body and how its excessive presence can lead to serious medical issues. What sets "Adrenaline Dominance" apart is its groundbreaking natural protocol designed to swiftly counteract the effects of excess adrenaline. This protocol has the potential to prompt patients to reevaluate their dependence on prescription medications that merely address symptoms without tackling the root causes of their ailments.

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