Building Brighter Futures: The BloomBox Design Labs Story, with Sofie Roux

Sofie Roux is the visionary Gen Z Founder & CEO of BloomBox Design Labs, transforming education through innovation. Sofie's journey began long before her current sophomore status at Stanford University, where she studies civil engineering and architecture. It all started with "Sparkly and Smart," an art enterprise that remarkably raised $300,000 to support girls' education. Today, through her revolutionary BloomBoxes ingeniously crafted from repurposed shipping containers, she's reshaping education in Malawi by crafting vibrant STEAM learning environments. Sofie's accomplishments, underscored by her impressive achievements, reflect her unwavering commitment to women's education. Her impactful work has earned her recognition and coveted speaking engagements at TEDx events, where she shares her inspiring story. Sofie's mission: make high-quality education accessible through powerful design. A true Gen Z leader, she's an advocate for change and a beacon of hope.



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