POPCAST: Life Behind Reality TV, With Mike Goldman

In the extension of POPSUGAR’s pilot season of POPCAST, host Tim Dormer interviews the masterminds that work behind the scenes on some of the biggest reality TV shows in Australia. 

In episode eleven, Tim is joined by Australian TV and radio host, Mike Goldman - best known for his various roles on Big Brother Australia. With over 15 years experience working in reality TV, Mike was privy to just about everything that went on behind-the-scenes and shares his experiences working on one of Australia's favourite reality TV shows.

In this episode we hear about:

  • How Mike first started on Big Brother (00:51)
  • How Mike worked with producers to create a story(02:13)
  • The footage we didn't see on camera but Mike was privy to (03:30)
  • The duty of care when creating reality TV (04:27)
  • The production differences between overseas reality TV vs. Australian reality TV (05:14)
  • How producers get a certain reaction or an outcome (06:27)
  • The business of reality TV for contestant (09:10)
  • Mike's experience working with live reality TV crowds (11:30)
  • How Mike's script to camera needed to influence audiences at home (13:29)
  • Whether Mike would ever participate as a reality TV contestant (14:30)
  • Mike's perspective on the portrayal of reality TV contestants (15:47)
  • How far can you push the boundaries of reality TV before crossing the duty of care line (18:06)
  • The effect reality TV has on Australian culture (19:25)
  • Mike's thoughts on how contestants should treat their reality TV journey (21:00)
  • Mike's perspective on the enduring appeal of reality TV (22:26)
  • Mike's favourite and real moments while working on Big Brother (24:25)

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