POPCAST: Life Behind Reality TV, With Alex Mavroidakis

In the extension of POPSUGAR’s pilot season of POPCAST, host Tim Dormer interviews the masterminds that work behind the scenes on some of the biggest reality TV shows in Australia. 

Episode nine of sees host Tim Dormer interview one of Australia’s most successful television producers, Alex Mavroidakis. As an experienced executive producer with close to 20 years of experience, Alex shares his experiences working on some of Australia’s most talked-about TV shows including Love Island and Big Brother, and the enduring appeal of reality TV.

In this episode we hear about:

  • How Alex describes the role of a reality TV producer (01:10)
  • What Tim was like as a contestant on Big Brother and what makes a good reality TV contestant (02:20)
  • Whether producers create storylines for reality TV contestants (08:22)
  • How reality TV has changed since 2001 (12:30)
  • How Alex launched his career as a television producer (13:50)
  • Whether Alex forms a relationship with contestants during filming (16:42)
  • The nature of the editing process (18:50)
  • What goes on behind the scenes between the crew on set (24:32)
  • Whether Alex would ever join a reality TV show, knowing what he knows on the ‘other’ side (28:05)
  • The scandal surrounding Grant and Tayla from Love Island (35:40)
  • Why reality TV has staying power (44:30)

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