POPCAST: Life After Reality TV, With Hayden Quinn

Episode eight of POPSUGAR Australia’s podcast, POPCAST, sees host Tim Dormer interview one of MasterChef's original success stories, Hayden Quinn. Since appearing on the cooking show series in 2011, Hayden has solidified his place in the Australian food and media scene. And while he's certainly enjoyed his fair share of success post-MasterChef — among them cookbooks and TV shows — he maintains that finding your feet once the cameras stop rolling is far from an easy task, with as many lows as there have been highs. 

In this episode, we hear about:

-             Hayden’s humble beginnings studying marine biology and lifeguarding [1:20]

-             How his love of food began [2:00]

-             What made him apply to be on MasterChef [4:05]

-             The calibre of people on a show like MasterChef [5:25]

-             How MasterChef has changed the way people see food [7:05]

-             What it’s really like making food television [8:20]

-             Thinking on your feet and coming up with ideas in the competition [11:50]

-             Working hard post-reality TV to further your dreams [16:30]

-             Dealing with the pressure he puts on himself [21:30]

-             The expectations of living up to a public profile [23:15]

-             Interacting with celebrity chefs on MasterChef [24:45]

-             Building relationships with the producers and the nature of trust

-             His relationship with model Jax Raynor being in the spotlight [34:17]  

-             His views on people going on reality TV now [36:58]

-             The enduring appeal of MasterChef [37:45]

-             What life’s like for him now [41:11]

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