POPCAST: Life After Reality TV, With Noni Janur

Episode six of POPSUGAR Australia’s podcast, POPCAST, sees host Tim Dormer interview The Bachelor’s genuine and refreshingly honest Noni Janur. Despite being sent home by Richie Strahan in episode nine of the 2016 series, the swimwear designer has gone on to further her label and live by a contagious message of positivity. In Noni’s revealing interview with Tim, she admits her motivation for signing up for reality TV, the unexpected psychological effects of being on a national platform, and how she unexpectedly found love with none other than The Bachelorette’s Sam Johnson.

In this episode we hear about:

-        What made Noni want to join The Bachelor (00:46)

-        What reality TV show Noni really wanted to go on (01:50)

-        Noni’s motivation for joining a reality TV show (02:40)

-        Whether Noni was looking for love when she signed up for The Bachelor (04:20)

-        The psychological nature of love and dating on reality TV (05:20)

-        How Noni knew she wasn’t The One for Richie Strahan (07:00)

-        What life was like when Noni exited the show (09:00)

-        What Noni was really competing for on The Bachelor (11:00)

-        Whether she was portrayed accurately on the show (12:00)

-        How she got together with Sam (13:00)

-        How they make their long distance relationship work (14:50)

-        The downside to social media post-reality TV (16:45)

-        What Noni is up to now (22:30)

-        How Noni and Sam’s relationship is impacted from them both being on reality TV (24:00)

-        Where reality TV is headed next (28:20)

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