POPCAST: Life Behind Reality TV, With Jake Ellis

In the extension of POPSUGAR’s pilot season of POPCAST, host Tim Dormer interviews the masterminds that work behind the scenes on some of the biggest reality TV shows in Australia. 

In episode fourteen, Tim is joined by Bachelor In Paradise contestant, Jake Ellis. Ellis first appeared on our screens after appearing on The Bachlorette Australia during Georgia Love's season; and then returned to reality TV to find love on Bachelor In Paradise.

After hearing from the masterminds of reality TV throughout season one of POPCAST, Ellis speaks up about being part of the production of one of the biggest TV franchises and and how the producer’s tricks of the trade have impacted his life post-reality TV.

In this episode we hear about:

  • Jake's initial reason for applying for The Bachlorette (01:28)
  • The opportunities that came for Jake after appearing on reality TV (02:35)
  • The truth behind making a real connection on reality TV (03:25)
  • The hesitation for Jake to appear on Bachelor In Paradise (04:22)
  • The lessons Jake learnt after appearing for the first time on reality TV (05:18)
  • Jake's thoughts on how Producers portrayed him on Bachelor In Paradise (06:20)
  • The power of editing and how it played into the famous love triangle on Bachelor In Paradise (08:05)
  • The relationships Jake had with the cast and crew (09:51)
  • The characters who were on the show to play up for the cameras (11:01)
  • The importance of making friends with the Producers (13:00)
  • Jake's thoughts on contestant's actions and whose responsibility it is (13:44)
  • Jake's on-screen persona affected him in the real world (15:22)
  • Jake's thoughts on the manipulation of story lines by editors in post-production (19:23)
  • Storylines centered around drama vs. actual love stories (22:01)
  • What it's like for Jake to be public figure (23:01)
  • The navigation of Jake's relationship with Megan post Bachelor In Paradise (24:11)
  • Jake's thoughts on whether reality TV is a good platform to find love (27:16)
  • The pressures of having a relationship on TV vs. the real world (29:18)
  • How Instagram has played a role in Jake's life after reality TV (31:07)
  • Whether Jake would ever return to Bachelor In Paradise (36:11)

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