Tazmayn Goode | The importance of diversity & uncovering our biases

JK is joined this week by Tazmayn Goode, a South African expat, who founded the 360 Academy and Wellness Hub to bring wellness programs to leaders and employees in businesses around Australia.

She’s also in the process of launching Empowered, a program building pathways into the workforce for disadvantaged communities, from indigenous youth and refugees to women who have suffered domestic abuse, and people who are aging out of the workforce.

Taz gives us her perspective on the Australian business landscape, how companies can benefit from embracing diversity, and the opportunities that companies can unlock by employing people from a wide range of skill sets and backgrounds.

Then Taz puts JK in the hot seat, taking him through some exercises to uncover his own biases. We highly encourage you to try these exercises for yourself, you might be surprised at what you discover. 

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