Jenelle McMaster | Open Minded to Change

In this special bonus episode, Open Minded crosses over with the Change Happens podcast. Host and EY Oceania Deputy CEO Jenelle McMaster joins JK for a wide ranging double interview.

TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast episode deals with issues of suicide and suicidal ruminations. Listener discretion is advised.

Why is change scary? It’s a big question. JK and Jenelle kick the episode off unpacking the uncertainty change produces, and talk about strategies to reduce and better manage this uncertainty.

Next up they dig into leadership, and push back on the outdated notion that you need to leave your real self at the door when you go to work. They discuss the importance of being real as a leader, and the end of the individual ‘hero’ leader and rise of collaborative leadership.

Later, things get a little more personal. JK speaks about his ‘sharks’, those nagging elements of our personalities that can push us to ‘swim fast’ and achieve great things, but can end up swallowing us. And Jenelle talks about her experiences with imposter syndrome, and techniques she’s used to retrain her brain to reframe negative self talk.

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