Jase Te Patu | Mana, Māori mindfulness practices, and mental wellbeing

In this episode, Jase Te Patu talks to JK about growing up between worlds in New Zealand, and finding his way to mental wellbeing through rediscovering the wisdom contained in the traditional wellbeing practices of Māori and other indigenous cultures.

Jase gives JK the down low on the work M3 Mindfulness are doing in schools across the country, sharing stories of the work they’ve done with Māori youth to rediscover their heritage and rebuild their mana. 

Through M3 Mindfulness, Jase is also highly active in the business community as a keynote speaker and board member. He provides his perspective on the current business landscape in New Zealand, and the work still to do in fully embracing diversity in the workplace.

We’ve recently featured some practices from Jase’s new bi-lingual mindfulness platform Hā in the Groov app. He gives us some background on the development of the practices, and how he’s taken inspiration from traditional practices of hā (breathe), tikanga (customs), and karakia (prayer) to create mindfulness practices that are accessible to all New Zealanders.

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