Rob and Lach | A business founded on wellbeing

Robbie Hicks and Lachland Bradford are the hosts of the Funny Business podcast and co-founders of the Wellbeing Network. 

After JKs recent appearance on Funny Business, the boys join us on Open Minded to provide an intimate look at the foundation of their business, and how they have embedded wellbeing into the core of their company.

Rob and Lach share insight into how the strength of their friendship was instrumental in creating Funny Business and the Wellbeing Network, how their individual strengths make each other better, and how the support they provide each other has helped the business grow.

The guys speak about playing different roles on a sports team relates to building successful teams in business, by aligning people’s roles with their strengths and organising around shared core values

Later, Rob and Lach give us some insight into their back stories. How they both overcame setbacks and changes in life direction, and how they reframed success for themselves through the lens of personal wellbeing.

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