Dr Hillary Bennett | What should be on the 2022 workplace wellbeing agenda

Dr Hillary is the director of Leading Safety, a consultancy specialising in safety leadership, safety culture, human factors, and workplace health and safety. 

She is a registered psychologist and works with organisations across all sectors to develop safe and healthy workplaces. 

With a particular interest in mental health and wellbeing at work, she was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the New Zealand Health and Safety Awards 2019.

After appearing on a couple of our Mentemia customer webinars to offer up her advice for workplace wellbeing, by popular request this episode gets a full hour of her insights, advice and where the agenda should be focused for workplace wellbeing in 2022.

In particular Sir JK and Dr Hillary dive into:

  • What is psychological safety
  • As people leaders and business executives, how we can’t just help build mental health literacy and create a psychologically safe environment. How we’ve got to really start tackling the issue of workloads and make that a real focus.
  • Dignity in the workplace - without dignity you can't have wellbeing
  • Dignity in leadership and how it is different to respect
  • The importance of taking restorative breaks

Enjoy this episode!

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