Joe Daymond | Turning points & taking care of number one

Comedian and Celebrity Treasure Island contestant Joe Daymond joins JK to share his journey with self-acceptance, imposter syndrome and the turning points that have got him to where he is today.

When Joey D returned home to NZ after travelling at the age of 21, he stumbled into the first and biggest turning point of his life so far. Realising his lifestyle didn’t align with his values and the people he surrounded himself with were not making him feel good, he made the tough decision to distance himself from the relationships that were impacting his wellbeing and hindering his personal growth.

He talks to Sir JK about the impact this decision had on him, and the steps he took to take care of number one and build the life he wanted by eliminating the things that didn’t make him feel good, and pursuing the things that did. 

Raised in Wainuiomata, Joe Daymond, the 25-year-old Fijian-Māori comedian is barely four years into his career but he’s sold out the SkyCity Theatre, been on TV and is about to have his own web series ‘Bouncers’ shown on Comedy Central in the UK.

Listen to this authentic and open discussion about connecting with yourself, healing, acknowledging when you need help and the experience of imposter syndrome.

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