Why Using Your Data Is The Best Tool To Run Faster | J. Mike Remy

If you are someone interested in using your data to run faster - definitely listen to this episode!

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Highlights (aka Why You Should Listen aka TLDR)

  • What about data analysis exactly is important ---- Why he thinks accuracy is more important than the consistency
  • He convinces me to use Running Power Meters moving forward!
  • What consistency means under the context of doing data analysis as a career (we talk about this a lot)
  • Why and how he tracked for 400 days straight what he ate down to the calorie --- And much more!

More About J Mike Remy

  • Haitian born now Massachusetts, USA based person that likes to sweat
  • 6:38:26 Ironman distance ride (112 miles) --- 3:57:48 marathon -- 5:58:23 DIY 50k (I followed this and it was an epic loop around his house)
  • He was overweight a few years and had some blood tests done that showed him a potentially dangerous future. He changed most of his health and fitness habits after this event.
  • Data specialist by day --- Father of two at night
  • Plant-based Vegan Athlete --- AND SO MUCH MORE!

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