40 Things I wish I would have known when I started running (Part 2)

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If you want to save 25 years of embarrassing run failures and mistakes, please keep reading (or watch or listen to it here).

I decided to return in time to one year ago and finally finish that list of those 40 things about running that I wish I had known 25 years back.

In part one, some epic stuff was said, and even more epic failures were done. But with part two, I really wanted to dig deep into more of the mental stuff I’ve learned and the physical. I also got through those first 13 things and said to myself, “Sh*t, this is getting way too long; let me break this up into three parts before I bore these kind folks that took the precious time to read this thing.”

So I present part two, 16 more things I wish I had known 25 years back to the world. (If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 29 things in total. Part three should wrap it all up, and I’ve learned a lot about this long listicle-formatted newsletter… never again… I think.)

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